Best App To Print SMS From Android Phone

The users of the cellphones are getting crazy in love with the phone apps. The truth is, the buzz in the smartphone's depends on the availability and compatibility of several types of applications made for the particular operating systems.

One of the leading OS’s from the cell phones, Android is a serious competitor among the market toppers like iPhone as well as BlackBerry devices. Therefore, Android apps are also a very popular one of the users of Android based smartphones, which are manufactured by diverse brands, for example Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson smartphone, LG, etc. Among these several apps Print SMS from Android is the easiest method to copy text messaging on your PC, email a copy of your SMS or MMS messages and print them from your Android phone.​

​The reason why People Want to Print SMS from Android?

Print SMS is helpful if you need to print SMS messages for court, official or business reasons. It's particularly helpful to show proof of someone sending your threatening or violent text messages. If someone is sending you abusive Text messages merely choose them in the phone list and e-mail the text messages to your attorney or print out the text messages to show to a legislation enforcement company.​

​How to print SMS messages?

To print SMS from Android Phone​

  • Install mobile phone application for Android phones
  • Select messages with sender data and time
  • Save text messages in the form of Pdf file
  • Backup Text Messages to Computer or SD Card
  • Print selected SMS or MMS via Google CloudPrint or your local printer
  • Print SMS from iPhone

Android apps are also gaining huge popularity because everyday greater than 400,000 latest Android based handsets are activated daily. Here are some of the popular Android apps which are widely accepted:

Astro File Manager - This app really helps to install apps on the Android handsets easily. Aside from this, the app also offers other vital features since it works as a file customizer and task manager. It’s also able to create and generate Rar and Zip files and attach them around the emails. This can be one of the better phone apps which help you to retain backup of the vital data.​

​ezPDF Reader - Reading PDF files is essential for various reasons. This app helps with reading PDF files without being the state PDF reader from Adobe. Rooter this app provides a learning tool for many who desire to use PDF reader by Adobe easily.

Phonelocator Pro- This Android app allows you to maintain your Android phone secure. With the aid of this app, it is possible to remotely moderate your misplaced or lost device by using SMSes. Whether or not the data connection from the phone is turned off (it is extremely likely when the handset if stolen), then also this app works. A number of the highlights with this app include using Google Maps to follow position, remote lock, get call logs, wipe private data remotely, and device gets locked automatically when unauthorized SIM card is inserted.​

​Dropbox- You are able to share your files or even SMS.VMSG files even though a back-up of the documents by using this app. It is possible to sync your files involving the mobile phone and also the computer. The highlights with this phone app include making stuff available on any device and anywhere, saving the attachments of email, docs and photos inside the Dropbox folder, share photos and docs, edit Dropbox docs.

​Google Docs - Managing and storing documents are essential which Print SMS from Android app really helps to do simply that. Using this app you can synchronize the phone with your Google account doc. Using this application, the Android smartphone users can readily access, modify and print documents.