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How To Gain Access To Apps Market Via Mobile App Reseller Program?

More and more users enter the internet through their mobile phones, which is why companies now need a mobile application to communicate better with their customers. With mobile app reseller program you can take part in the mobile industry by offering the creation of mobile applications to local businesses that will help them get more sales.

Why focus on the mobile industry?

At present, about half of the world is mobile communication users. It is estimated that by the end of 2018 there are more mobile devices on the Earth than people. Telephones have undergone great changes and their market has expanded. The demand for apps is expanding, due to this increase small business owners understand the strength and importance of mobile marketing. They use apps to share relevant news, increase trade traffic, offer great deals, connect with customers, take reservations and boost their profits. It does not matter if the business provides a service, sells products in a store or manages a successful restaurant: everyone knows that having a mobile application is one of the most effective ways to contact customers, anywhere and anytime. It’s the perfect time to enter the world of apps and conquer your market share.

What is an Apps Reseller application?

It can be defined as a company or freelance that offers apps to its clients by using an app creation platform like The platform facilitates all the work associated with the design, programming, publication, and maintenance of the mobile app. The reseller, in most cases, is responsible for:

1) Define the objective of the app with the end customer (SME)
2) Prepare all the contents that the app will have: images, texts, videos, logos, etc.
3) Create the application using the web
4) Promote the mobile app (through the web, press, flyers, etc.)
5) Update the information and contents of the app over time
6) Write and plan the sending of Push Notifications
7) Loyalty and monetize app users

The most common Resellers are marketing and advertising agencies, design agencies, experts in social networks, programming companies, graphics and web designers, ICT services companies, IT companies, etc.

Mobiroller Mobile App Reseller Program

Start your own online business with Mobiroller mobile app reseller program. Sell ​​websites, mobile applications, Hosting and much more with your reseller account and with your white label.

Why to choose Mobiroller App Maker?

With Mobiroller mobile app reseller “white label” solution you will have the possibility of creating applications for your clients for free of the cost under your own brand. You can contact our experts in the way you prefer and they will assist you from start to finish helping you sell your solution to your customers.

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