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The best results in solar heating are produced with a radiant floor system, which basically consists of a network of flexible tubes below the floor of the house. Read more about Centrale Verwarming Ninove for Energy Efficient Home. The hot water from the solar panels circulates directly through the system and keeps the building at the desired temperature. The operating temperature is the same as that of the panels, so additional aggregates are generally not needed. Hot air always goes up; So this system produces the best feeling of comfort.

Today's heating systems can be by radiators, hot air or underfloor heating. Radiators can be high efficiency, which operates at a lower operating temperature (45-65 ° C), or your current radiators (temp. 60-80 ° C) can be used. Most modern high-efficiency heaters can also function as cooling radiators during the hot months. The hot air systems work with an additional heat pump that can be inverted and work as both heating and air conditioning.​

The solar Centrale Verwarming Ninove in combination with a heat pump is certainly the best solution because they work at low temperature and offer very high efficiency.​

Underfloor Centrale Verwarming is an optimal system to work with solar energy. The radiant floor consists of pipes that circulate under the floor of the house, and has multiple advantages over the conventional radiator system. The main ones are related to energy saving and the comfort provided by this heating system:​

  • Energy saving - It is given by two main factors. Radiators are point pockets that emit heat to the full volume of the room. Underfloor heating covers the entire floor; Since it is the highest emission surface, it is not necessary that it is heated so much, with the consequent saving of fuel. Another factor that favors the fuel economy is that the radiator must heat the whole volume of the room so that the inhabitant notices the heating. The floor heating, however, being always in contact with the user, does not need to heat the entire volume.
  • The advantages of comfort are two. One is derived precisely from the location of the heating. Being on the ground, you are always close to the focus of emission of heating. In addition, the radiant floor is invisible, unlike the radiators, so you have complete freedom to place the furniture wherever you want, and without the danger of beating against corners.

Airco installateur in Ninove

Air conditioner & Dehumidifier

Do you use the heat of the sun to cool? You are right! The sun is used to cool our entire house. Your solar air conditioning installation can also regulate the degree of humidity of your house or building. This can be especially important in case of old Masias, indoor swimming pools, spas or steam baths. The system not only dehumidifies the air, but also recovers the heat and ventilates the area.

Climavert Centrale Verwarming Ninove

If you're looking to get the best central heating installation in Ninove, then be aware of the following these points:

Anyone Can Call Himself a Central Heating Engineer. Climavert Centrale Verwarming contractors hate to admit that getting into their field can be no tougher than printing up a business card. In some places, that's all you need to get into the act. Fixing up houses has grown into a multi-billion-pound business, and it’s also become one of the top 10 sources of consumer complaints nationwide. So, only hire a Climavert Centrale Verwarming Ninove contractor who has the right credentials.

Climavert has a great experience and knowledge in the energy industry, provides Zonne Centrale Verwarming Ninove. We want to promote non-conventional renewable energy, bringing solar energy closer to homes and companies thanks to an innovative model that is very accessible to people. We are a multidisciplinary and enthusiastic team that will help you to be part of this great change towards a more sustainable future. Join the clean energy today!

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