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Was Not The Big Bang, The Beginning?The Eternal Rebirth Of The Universe

By Tracy Kelly / November 15, 2015

A year after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, which killed at least 20,000 dead or missing, the wounds are still vivid in Japan: tsunami-affected areas, where debris are crowded; around the territory drained Central Fukushima; inhabitants refugees away from home Back on a double disaster, seismic and nuclear.   March 11, 2011 […]


Midgets With Chemical Mace

By Tracy Kelly / November 4, 2015

The particularity of Japan   The archipelago is located at the junction of three tectonic plates , the Eurasian, Philippine and Pacific, with an additional small plates, like that of Okhotsk. The Pacific plate is sinking beneath the Eurasian plate along the Japan Trench at a rate of 8.5 cm / year. A small region […]


German Astronaut Will Fly To The ISS In 2014

By Tracy Kelly / October 3, 2015

A recent dating and surprising   The results indicate that they date back 28,500 years, 8000 years after the alleged disappearance of Neanderthal Man. At this time we find, throughout Eurasia, that crop-specific Upper Paleolithic Homo Sapiens explains Ludovic Slimak.   This discovery raises many questions about the users of the Mousterian culture near the […]


Electricity With The Waste Water

By Tracy Kelly / October 1, 2015

In an article published in Molecular Biology and Evolution, Damian Labuda, Department of Pediatrics, University of Montreal (Quebec), indicates that it has identified on chromosome X a section of DNA different from the others who made comparison , seems to be a Neanderthal heritage. This sequence is found among peoples of all continents, including Australia, […]


Japan, One Year After: The Legacy Of A Historic Earthquake

By Tracy Kelly / September 2, 2015

Another promising strategy is the development of the self-powered micro-missiles with enzymes as catalysts. These consist of rolled titanium-gold layer and the enzyme catalase, which is common in animal cells and hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water very effectively. Thus the driving force is increased significantly so that will be ten times higher speeds […]


Danger To Prey Around Protected Areas

By Tracy Kelly / July 3, 2015

These refuges attract game but also, at their periphery, human predators, which can make these reservations riskier for animals than it seems.   Protected areas where animals can live free of human-induced risks are they effective? Not necessarily meet a French-Swiss team which includes researchers from the Laboratory of Alpine Ecology. To assess their role […]