Danger To Prey Around Protected Areas

These refuges attract game but also, at their periphery, human predators, which can make these reservations riskier for animals than it seems.


Protected areas where animals can live free of human-induced risks are they effective? Not necessarily meet a French-Swiss team which includes researchers from the Laboratory of Alpine Ecology. To assess their role in wildlife conservation, the researchers equipped with GPS collars and VHF radio boars and hunting dogs used in battered in the Geneva area, near a small nature reserve.


A Whirlwind Of 20 Km High

In three minutes, estimated duration of the earthquake, the crust broke about 500 km long and 150 km wide. The many GPS stations have constituted a map of ground motions: the east coast of the island slipped four meters while the West has moved only a few tens of centimeters

The earthquake was followed by strong aftershocks, including one of magnitude 7 occurring just forty minutes after the main event and 16 above magnitude 6.

The tsunami caused by the earthquake first hit the Japanese coast before spreading across the Pacific. The wave reached a height of 30 meters in some places and penetrated up to ten miles inland, crippling the Fukushima nuclear facilities.

Prostate Cancer: Which Test Is Controversial

These results also suggest that interbreeding between early modern humans and Neanderthals took place long ago, after Homo sapiens left Africa but before it disperses in Europe and Asia. Damian Labuda traces the intimate contact or family ties of these two populations very far in history, probably at a crossroads in the Middle East.

Thin layers that curl themselves into tiny micro-and nanotubes whiz, with its own drive and magnet controlled by fluids. With this result, scientists are at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW), a world record, which has now been confirmed by the Guinness World Records ltd: the smallest man-made jet engines in the world.

Billions Of Rocky Planets In The Milky Way

A sequence found in all regions except sub-Saharan Africa

The comparison between human DNA and that of Neanderthal man, recently deciphered (1) , showed that there had been a cross between these two species and that Homo Sapiens have fond memories in their genome since it would consist of 1 to 4% of Neanderthal DNA (see A bit of Neanderthal in us ). But new analyzes begin to indicate how, when and where were able to achieve these inclusions, confirming the work of the team Svante Pablo (Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany).

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